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Why does Worship Involve Singing?

FeaturedVid Jul 21

We enjoy music. It is pleasant. We get a lot of joy out of being able to communicate how we feel via the medium of music, which plays a significant role in our lives. Music always has a way of penetrating the depths of our souls, which helps us in understanding our own emotions clearly.  Songs that are joyful and lively have the ability to motivate us to get up and dance. Songs of mourning have the ability to bring us to tears. Similarly, singing prayers lets us explore and express our relationships with God and helps us to communicate our feelings to him in an open manner.

The songs provide us with a language to express and discover who God is and what purpose he serves in our lives. Little pauses that occur in the middle of a song when we are not singing create opportunities for us to pray to the Lord with our own thoughts and to hear what he has to say. In addition, songs often include important truths about God that are taught via the lyrics. The teachings of the Bible are reaffirmed via music, which also contributes to the process of changing our minds by drawing our attention away from ourselves and toward Jesus.

The Bible itself has dozens upon dozens of references to singing in various contexts. After the Supper, Jesus himself led the disciples in songs of praise. And if we are to fulfil the mandate to imitate the behaviour of Christ, then I have no doubt that singing ought to be an integral part of every act of worship


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