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Why Tesla Is So Successful?

FeaturedVid Jul 21

Tesla Motors has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and the experts believe the company’s know-how, its charismatic co-founder, and a little bit of luck are the keys to its success.

Tesla started its journey with a tiny submarket of cars that was for the electric sports cars.  And from the beginning, Elon Musk had a clear goal for Tesla. Before the first car came off the assembly line, the corporation had a long-term objective and a vision. At Tesla, nothing occurs by coincidence.

The technology of a car is perhaps its most crucial component. And Tesla’s technology is so advanced that it is used even by other automakers. Tesla’s battery packs are used by Daimler, Mercedes-Benz uses its powertrain while Toyota uses its motor, and General Motors even established a task team to monitor Tesla’s future moves. Deals with significant auto manufacturers to make different components have also been successful and, according to Musk, they may continue for the foreseeable future.

Technology is followed by fashion and appearance. From the outset, Tesla was aware that interest in clean technology was driven by fashion as well. In the early days, people were fascinated by cars that showed association with famous personalities. But Tesla decided to build cars that made drivers look cool due to their breathtaking looks and style, and not just due to their association.

The Model S is a really beautiful and elegant automobile that attracts the most attention when it is seen on the road or in a parking lot. Tesla is aware of how important aesthetics are in consumer gadgets, clothing, and automobile design. Tesla has excelled where other electric car manufacturers have fallen short.

Additionally, Tesla executives seem to have good business sense and know what to do and when to do it. They’ve always had a knack for timing. If you look back at Tesla’s history, you’ll see that the firm has often shown the value of being in the right place at the right time. And these are all the factors that contribute to Tesla’s success.


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