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Margarita Is The Most Popular Drink!

FeaturedVid Jul 25

For the happiest times in life, you pour margaritas. Our hearts have been won over by this straightforward mixture of tequila, lime, agave, and orange liqueur. There is a margarita for every one of us, and everyone loves it, whether they want theirs frozen, on the rocks, salty or unsalted, sweet or spicy.

Since 2015, the Margarita has been the most popular tequila beverage worldwide, according to Drinks International. It rose two ranks from the year before to rank as the fifth most popular beverage on the planet in 2021. In fact, for five years straight, the Margarita has been the nation’s favourite drink. According to 2008 research, Americans drink approximately 185,000 margaritas per hour on average. Why are tequila sales so high?

Its key component, Tequila, is prepared to a precise standard, which conceals its secret. It is derived from the agave plant, which requires six to ten years to properly develop and provide its crop before it dies after being shot, as a reward for farmers’ unyielding patience. Only five states in Mexico are permitted to distil tequila from a particular kind of agave due to strict regulations. There is even an Aztec deity devoted to the priceless agave’s nectar since it is such an important part of Mexican culture. Pay due appreciation the next time you take a sip on a margarita by remembering that tequila is essentially her gift to humanity.


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