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What Is Futures Trading?

FeaturedVid Jul 25

Trading based on futures contracts is basically what is meant when people talk about futures trading. A futures contract is actually an agreement made between 2 parties to purchase or sell the underlying asset on a future date at an already specified price. The futures contract may be used to speculate on the price of an item.

Such futures contracts are agreements that are standardized, and both the payment and the delivery of the asset are made on the date that is stated. Contracts of this kind can be created for any asset that is traded on a financial market. This may take the form of equities, money, bonds, commodities, or an index of the market. However, given that futures contracts are financial derivatives by their very nature, their value is solely dependent on the underlying asset that is being traded.

Multiple parties may engage in the trading of futures contracts with one another. However, the vast majority of the trade in them is conducted by primarily two categories of persons. The first category consists of “Hedgers,” which might be financial institutions, businesses, or even producers of commodities that want to shield their business from the negative consequences of price fluctuations. The second category includes those who speculate with the intention of making a profit, such as individual investors and traders.

For trades, Futures contracts, are a great instrument because they can allow them to take advantage of the wildly shifting values of the underlying assets that they invest in. It’s possible that a trader won’t even want to acquire the asset, but will keep it nevertheless in the event that a more profitable opportunity presents itself later on. Traders have the flexibility to purchase or sell anything they want, whenever they want, using these futures contracts.


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