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Get Your Cycle On: A 20 Minute Workout For Indoor Cycling

FeaturedVid Aug 03

With the growing popularity of indoor cycling classes, it’s easy to overlook just how good this kind of training can be. Indoor cycling offers a host of benefits that you won’t find with other forms of cardio, such as fat loss, cardiovascular conditioning and increased upper body strength. The majority of these positives come from the short-term effects that are produced as a result of your efforts. If you’re looking for an intense indoor bike workout, try one of our three top choices: The first is a slightly more advanced option – CycleOpsMAX Indoor Cycle. This bike has all the bells and whistles that make indoor cycling even better than standard stationary bikes. It has an integrated digital console so you can monitor your speed, time, distance and calories burned while using it. You’ll also see distance covered on the LCD display as well as a clock on the inside face of each handlebar so you don’t lose track when it comes to time while in session (so useful!).

CycleOps BXE2 Trainer

Another great choice is the CycleOps BXE2 Trainer, which offers a no-nonsense design and a variety of features. The LCD display includes time, speed, distance and calories burned so you never have to go without the necessary information when in session. It also has an integrated fan for cooling down during your workout. Plus it’s easy to clean with its removable parts that are easily washed or wiped down after use! For something more budget-friendly, check out our third option – the Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor Cycling Bike. This bike is simple and brightly colored, which makes navigating through your workouts a breeze. It has a large display that shows all the data you need to keep track of in an attractive format, including speed, distance and time. With this bike you get a feel of what indoor cycling can offer with an affordable price tag. All these bikes are good options but depend on user preference as they all have their pros and cons. Which one will work best for you? Check put this video!

CycleOps PowerPro

Indoor Cycle If you’re in the market for an indoor bike that includes some of the best features of a stationary bike and treadmill, then the CycleOps PowerPro Indoor Cycle is the perfect option. This cycle has a built-in fan to keep your workouts cool when the weather outside is hot, adjustable incline and speed settings, and a USB port so you can charge your devices. The final option is a bit more basic – it’s a Schwinn AD6 Indoor Bike by itself. It’s not quite as advanced as other options but if you’re just getting started with indoor cycling, then this model is perfect for you.

CycleOps Folding Bike

The second option is the Schwinn 231 Folding Bike. This bike has a steel frame and is made for riders who are looking for intense indoor cycling workouts. It’s also less portable, so you’ll need to find a spot in your home or business where it will fit well. If that’s not an issue, this is an excellent choice.

ProForm PF3000 Power Cage

This indoor bike comes in a cage type design that allows you to work on your upper and lower body with the pedals. It also has a flywheel effect so it’s perfect for indoor cycling workouts, as well as a built-in fan. The fan will help keep your clothes and hair dry during intense sessions so you can focus on getting the most out of your workout.

Sumo SBT-1000 Stationary Bike

If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, the Sumo SBT-1000 is a great option. This entry-level bike has a 30 pound flywheel, which means it will be able to keep up with your workout as you go. It’s also simple to use and offers adjustable seat heights for people of all different body types so that everyone can find their perfect fit. The final option is the Schwinn Airdyne AD3 Indoor Cycle – it offers a choice of 8 pre-programmed workouts, including one that starts off at low intensity and gradually builds up to full speed over the course of ten minutes. You can choose from other non-standard cycles such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) or steady state cardio, or design your own with custom programs. You’ll achieve faster results when you combine exercise with dieting too. But don’t worry if you’re not ready to commit to shedding the pounds just yet – there are ways that you can increase the intensity and duration of your indoor cycling sessions without increasing your calorie intake too much. If you have any questions about what kind of indoor cycling workout would work best for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Sumo SBT-3,000 Power Cage

The second option is the Sumo SBT-3,000 Power Cage. This bike has a 3,000 Watt motor and can accommodate riders up to 300 pounds. It’s also unbelievably adjustable – you have the choice of accommodating riders between 5’7” and 6’4” in height. Finally, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a bike for this cardio session – get the Schwinn High Performance Indoor Bike. This bike is perfect for anyone from beginners to experts as it offers easy adjustments that will help you work through any kind of cycling workout without worrying about breaking your bank account! An indoor cycling class can be one of the best workouts you’ll ever do with an achievable goal of losing weight or toning your body. Try one out today!

Key Takeaways

The second option is the Schwinn Airdyne 24 Indoor Cycle, which has an adjustable pedal height and a variety of resistance settings so that you can get a workout customized to your needs. You’ll also find lots of helpful features on this bike such as a handlebar mounted heart rate monitor, footrests and friction resistance with magnetic brake pads. Finally, if you want to stick to a budget but still get the benefits of indoor cycling, go for the Schwinn AD6 Indoor Cycle. This bike offers many of the same features as its more expensive counterparts while still coming in at just under $200.


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