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Pedro Capó, Farruko – Calma

FeaturedVid Apr 09

Who is Pedro Capó?

Pedro Capó is a Puerto Rican musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Pedro Capó was born on 14th November 1980 and is Bobby Capó, a famous Puerto Rican singer and former Miss Puerto Rico Irma Nydia Vázquez.

The Story of the Artist?

Pedro Capó has an interest in music from an early age, and he picked up the guitar when he was young and became proficient in the instrument, and later became the voice of the group Marka Registrada. Pedro studied at the university of Colegio Calasanz in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. However, he was more interested in music.

About the Song

The song is mainly in the Spanish language, Calma (Calm), a remix version of Farruko, which was released on 5th October 2018. The song is about the beauty of Puerto Rico and narrates a story about the tropical kind of love in Puerto Ricans’ beauty.

Facts of the Song

This song is the most significant hit on Youtube to cross over 2.0 Billion Views. The song has become a massive success in different countries in South American Countries like Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, El Salvador, and European countries like Italy. The song also received Latin double Platinium certification by RIAA.


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